Pure Capital Solutions

Pure Capital Solutions, Inc (PCS). was formed to provide short-term financing, factoring, and loans to small to medium size businesses. As part of this product and service offering PCS has also invested in subsidiaries.

The history of PCS

Pure Capital Solutions (stock ticker PCST) is currently the parent of company of Nova Space Incorporated (formerly known as Nova Space, LLC), a Space Profession Development and Training company based in Wyoming.  The acquisition of Nova Corp, LLC, was completed on April 9, 2021, whereby Nova Space was issued 80% of the total outstanding shares and assumed senior management roles at the newly formed entity.  The merger provided Nova Space Incorporated additional capital to develop their “Industry leading digital learning platform” which is designed to serve all forms of the space industry, governments and individuals requiring space operations and astronautics knowledge in order to best serve their company, customers and partners.

Prior to the merger with Nova Space Incorporated, Pure Capital Solutions (PCST) maintained all reporting requirements after completing a sale of Pure Custom Ventures, a Salt Lake City based sports broadcasting company in 2019.  Pure Custom Ventures was acquired in 2017, a name change to Pure Broadcast was made and the company quickly grew after a new influx of capital allowed for growth and a new direction in business development.  Pure Broadcasting’s goal was to develop full broadcasting trucks to serve major sports clients.  With adequate investment, Pure Customs built two HD Mobile broadcast units which resulted in obtaining a 5-year contract with the Utah Jazz.  They continued to grow their reach with additional contracts with ESPN, the Golf Channel and other broadcasting partners.  In February of 2019, the Board of Directors of Pure Customs agreed to sell all of the assets but retain the public trading symbol and continue as a shell company.  On May 14, 2019, a special dividend was issued to shareholders of .$21/share.

As of August 1, 2021, PCST (which includes its wholly owned subsidiary Nova Space Inc.) has 110,925,000 shares are outstanding and trading continues on the OTC Market.  Our new CEO, Joe Horvath, recently stated, “The Space industry is experiencing rapid growth, investment, and technological change. One of the keys to helping this industry reach new milestones is providing a standardization of knowledge through better training and professional development. By supporting and enabling the growth of the performers, rather than just technologies, the industry will improve communication, performance, and business outcomes.”  The company expects to use the upcoming 36th Space Symposium on August 23rd in Colorado Springs to announce their entry into the space economy.

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